How to Disable the Skype Home Window

Personal Notes:  In general, Skype users must be cautious in installing and using any applications, plugins, or add-ons that interact with the Skype software, as using untrusted and untested software may result to undesirable outcome.   This and other available workaround should only be considered only if and only if the new Skype Home window design or behavior is seriously affecting your interest in using the Skype services.

Moreover, of all of the suggested workarounds we tried, tested and checked so far, this one is perhaps the most acceptable (at least for us) and have the most positive response from users who actually tried and are using this workaround.  You may want to visit the original source (link available below) to see further information and comments from other users, before even trying this workaround to deal with the Skype Home window.

In the new version of Skype (specifically version 5.5), there is no more option to disable the Skype Home window from automatically appearing at start-up.  In the past, it is possible to run Skype and only have the Skype Main window (where your contact list and menu are), and/or just the Skype icon in the system tray section, to appear at start up.

With regard to this, Skype user and code writer Andrew Worcester created a small script designed to disable or to prevent the Skype Home window from popping up. So if you are not a fan of the Skype Home window and interested in trying this program or script, you can visit Andrew Worcester's site (link pasted below) to read more details regarding this his script and to download it;

This method is not approved, suggested or endorsed by Skype (understandably), so try and use at your own risk.  Perhaps scanning the program/script first using your resident security software, and reading the comments by users are also using this program/script may help you decide if you want to try this method or not.

Alternatively, you can  also install and use an earlier version of Skype.  The new behaviour of the Skype Home window only started in version 5.5, and somehow appears to be adapted by some earlier versions such as version 5.3.  This possibly annoying bahaviour of the Skype Home window does not happen or show in version 4.2.

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