How to Find Skype Friends

First, you can visit relevant Facebook Fanpages and Groups.  There are now dozens or perhaps hundreds of Fanpages and groups created, mantained, participated and feature Skype users, who are most like are also looking for nice and interesting people just like you.

This new Fanpage seems to be a good one;

My Skype Community

or you can just enter Skype in the search box, then click the Pages or Groups filter. 

In most cases, users just post their usernames as wallposts or comments. Just be cautious in publishing your contact details, especially your email address.  Whenever possible, you can just give your username, or just add the users that you are interested with.  Lastly, just remember that most of these Fanpages and groups are not affiliated with or endorsed by Skype. 

Moreover, you can also visit the Coffee Corner section of the Skype Community Forum.  There are also threads there that were created by members interested in meeting new people;

Here is the link to the Coffee Corner section.  You can login using your Skype username and password.  No need to create a new account.

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