How to Fix : Skype Crash on Windows 7

There are some users who are having problems in running Skype in Windows 7 operating system. One of most common issue is Skype crashes on Start-up or a few seconds after logging in. Below are few suggestions on how to possibly resolve such problems (as obtained from sources such as the Skype forum site and other Skype users as well).

1. Disable Compatibility Mode

- Right-click on the Skype Icon
- Select Properties
- Select the Compatibility tab
- make sure that Run This Program In Compatibility Mode For: is not checked.
- Then click the OK button

2. Delete Shared.XML file

- Quit/Close Skype
- Open the Run Command
- Type or paste 
- click OK

- Then look for and delete file named Shared.XML

3. Update your Device Drivers/Software
which may include audio drivers, webcam driver, video/display driver

- you can just type Update Device Drivers in the search box to find and open the Device Manager window.  You can also visit the manufacturer's site to check if there are new versions of drivers or software for that device.

4.  Install the Beta version of Skype

This version seems to be a bit better than the current official release from Skype.  A number of known bugs and incompatibilities has been fixed in this beta version.  Download link pasted below;

(No Available Beta version at the moment, the last beta version has now been released as an official version)

5. Try to temporarily disable your anti-virus or firewall software

Just to check if they are affecting Skype processes in any way. Just don't browse any webpage or use any application that uses internet while your anti-virus or firewall is turned-off. Immediately reactivate them after checking/testing.

6. Do a "Complete Uninstall", Then reinstall Skype.

Here is how to completely uninstall Skype (just back-up all important files and information that you feel is important to you).  This will remove all traces of the Skype application so you can install a "fresh" copy of Skype.

How to Completely Uninstall Skype

7Run Basic Computer Maintenance

such disk defrag, registry cleaning, disk error checking, etc - and also run a full virus scan (just to make sure that your computer is free from any virus/malware that are possibly affecting Skype performance).  You can also delete any unused or unimportant programs or applications in your computer. 

8. Reset Internet Explorer to Default

Regardless of the browser you set as default, as Skype uses Internet Explorer engines. You can also delete temp files, browsing history and clear cache. Also disable or remove any unused or bad IE add-ons or plugins.

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