How to Activate/Change Keyboard Shortcuts (Shortkeys)

1.  Click Tools >> Options >> Advanced >> Hotkeys.

2.  Check the Enable Keyboard Shotcuts box.

3.  Highlight/Select the command you want to create a shortcut key.  In this example, we will choose Mute Microphone.

*(Please note that the Mute Microphone command has no assigned shortcut key by default, there are some commands that already have assigned keys, all you need to do is to activate them by checking the box opposite each corresponding commands).

4.  Click the Change Selected Shortcut button, the Set Hotkey window will open.  Then enter the desired key combination.

*(In this example, we will assign Control + Alt + 1 to call the Mute Microphone command).  Click the OK button.)

5.  Then after assigning the desired key combination, activate the shortcut by clicking or checking the box opposite it.

 6. Then click Save.

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