How to Install Skype

  1.  Using your internet browser, open and proceed to their download page (or the Get Skype link) .  Download the installer appropriate for the Operating System that you are using (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc).
2. After downloading the installer (which the usual filename is SkypeSetup.exe), double-click on the installer icon and select Run.

3. The Install window will appear, read the Skype End User License Agreement and Skype Privacy Statement.    If you agree or accept all the terms mentioned, select the desired language then click the I Agree - Install button.

4. The Installer will connect to the Skype servers and will continue to the download the full software. Depending on your internet speed and computer specs, the process may take a couple of minutes.

5. After successful installation, the login window will appear where you can create a Skype account.  Just click Don’t Have a Skype Name? and fill out the details requested.  If you already have an existing Skype account, you can just enter your username and password.

(Note: a number of additional pop-up windows may appear after installation, they usually features tips, promotions and additional options.  Images are procedures are based on Skype version 5.3)

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