How to Contact Skype

1.       The first thing you can do whenever you have a concern related to Skype is to check the Skype website’s Support page.   There is a organized database there of frequently asked question and concern.  You can also use the Search box to find topics related to your question or concern. (English)

2.       You can also send a message to their Email Support team, especially if your concern involves specific or sensetive matters related to your account.  Just visit (requires login), and provide the support team a detailed description of your concern.  The customer service response time varies from a couple of a hours to a few days (usually within 4 days). 

3.        Visit the Skype Community Forum.  Although this is not an official support channel of Skype, there are a lot of users and experts who could assist you with your concerns.  The community forum’s URL is

*Skype also offers live chat Support, but this service is available for Premium Users only.

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