How to Change Skype Tones

Prepare and chose the sound files that you want to use.  The files must be in .wav or .skype format, and should be less than 1.5 mb in size.

1.       Open Skype.  Click Tools >> Options >> General Settings >> Sounds (you can also access the sound modification page by clicking Skype >> Profile >> Change Sounds).

2.       Click the Import Sounds button and locate the sound file/s that you want to use.  You can only import one sound file at a time.  The imported audio files will be displayed in the My Custom Sound Box.  For this tutorial, we will use a .wav file named Test Skype Tone.

3.       Select and highlight the Event Sound that you wish to change in the Select Which Event To Play a Sound box (the selected event sound must be checked).  In this example, we will choose the Ringtone event sound.

4.       Then select and highlight the desired audio tone in the Choose Which Sound to Play dropdown menu.  Both default tones and imported audio files will be shown in this menu.

5.       Click Save.

      You can download the .wav file use in this tutorial by clicking the link below.  Scan it with your resident anti-virus just to make sure file is clean.

      Test Skype Tone (by DJ Emiko -

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