How to Deal With Unwanted Contact Requests

1.  To deal with unwanted contact requests (usually potential scammers/spammers), open the contact request window and click Block.  Choosing Block rather than just plain Ignore is better, so those unwanted users will not be able to resend contact requests in the future.

2.  After clicking the Block button, and new window will open confirming if you want to reject the contact request and block the user.  If you are certain that the contact requesting to be your contact is a potential scammer/spammer, you can also tick or check the Report Abuse box, then click the Block button to confirm.

Then the actions of user will be brought to the attention of Skype for further investigation.  If you have the time, you can send a separate email to abuse@skype.net and provide as much details possible.  Then Skype may suspend or terminate their accounts if deemed necessary, and may also restrict them from creating new ones.  

Reporting these potential scammers/spammers to Skype is important and will help further minimize the existence of those unwanted users who are misusing Skype services.

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  1. A growing issue with Skype is how well they control and document their attempts to control spam. Similar to how social networks give users the ability to control contact requests, skype needs to give users the ability to restrict searches for new contact requests to exact email only.